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    Advantage est-t-il fait pour vous?

    Dix points pour voir si Advantage est fait pour vous

    Vous publiez un ou plusieurs des supports suivants: magazines, revues, contenus numériques, lettres d'informations, quotidiens, annuaires, livres ou séries continues.

    Vous commercialisez de multiples offres pour un même groupe de clients et construire une fidélité client est un but primordial pour vous.

    L'E-commerce est une part essentielle de votre activité.

    Vos règles commerciales sont uniques et peut-être complexes.

    La durée de vie moyenne de vos clients est élevée.

    Vous avez besoin que votre système gère un ou plusieurs des produits suivants: conférences et événements, publicité, séries de livres ou commandes répétitives, commissions, accords d'accès, télé-ventes ou gestion des contacts.

    Vous voulez que les utilisateurs …

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    Profil Client: Agora, Inc

    Abstract: Agora, Inc. is a holding company for more than 20 publishers of financial, health, travel and special interest books and newsletters -- each offering unique ideas, information and insights. Altogether, Agora companies publish more than 300 books and 40 newsletters, reaching 1 million readers from around the world.

    Agora, Inc. is a holding company for more than 20 publishers of financial, health, travel and special interest books and newsletters -- each offering unique ideas, information and insights. Altogether, Agora companies publish more than 300 books and 40 newsletters, reaching 1 million readers from around the world. Based in the historic Mount Vernon district of Baltimore, Agora is housed in a collection of 19th century mansions. They also have offices in Ireland (International Living, Waterford);  Australia (Port Phillip Publishing and Portner Press, Melbourne); France (Publications Agora and Sante Nature Innovation, Paris); the United Kingdom (Agora Business Publications, Skipton, North Yorkshire, MoneyWeek, London and Agora Health Ltd., Banstead, Surrey); and India (EquityMaster Agora …

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    Introduction au Projet Cidre: l'Initiative E-Commerce d'AdvantageCS

    Over the last 10 years, the publishing industry has experienced no greater trend than that towards digital media. This trend is certainly consistent with what we are seeing from our clients and it is no surprise that Advantage’s Access Management & Billing (AMB) module continues to be a hotbed of development activity. As a complement to digital offerings, publishers are increasingly looking towards eCommerce sites to be the drivers of sales. Many of our clients use Advantage’s comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) to build their websites, while others implement the Foundation Site toolkit.

    As AMB continues to offer a powerful platform for digital content, we recognize the need to offer a powerful platform for eCommerce activity. We are pleased to announce a key strategic …

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    AdvantageCS propose des Services d'Hébergement

    AdvantageCS is offering hosting services to those clients who want to outsource this function to a trusted partner.

    Question: What are the benefits to you?


    1. Outsourcing places the responsibility for operating and maintaining hardware on someone else’s shoulders. A number of clients with whom we have spoken indicate that they do not wish to be in the business of running computer hardware. Some publishers we speak with have no IT infrastructure or staff whatsoever and always outsource hosting.

    2. By outsourcing hosting, you can take advantage of the pre-existing infrastructure of a hosting facility, including redundancy, security, PCI compliance, and disaster recovery plans. Hosting facilities have the volumes to provide economies of scale, which keep your costs down.

    3. …

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    Astuce Service Client

    The Customer Search view optionally displays the department for customer searching.

    This behavior is based on a system option added at revision 2013R1:

    Option Class: CDS

    Option Name: DEPTSRCH

    When the option is set to Y, the customer look-up dialog box includes the department field.

    Search for a Customer

    1) Click the Find ribbon control to open the Customer Search view.

    2) The Customer Search view opens with the Department field open.

    3) Enter the department value as in the example below.

    4) Click the Search icon and review results:

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    Connecteur Scribe Version Presse

    AdvantageCS has joined the Scribe Solution Developer program and developed the Advantage Scribe Connector. Scribe Software, an established global provider of solutions that easily bring customer data anywhere it is needed, offers an advanced integration tool that allows the user to define an integration workflow, including the mapping of data elements, between any two supported systems. Clients can now integrate Advantage with any other system that has a Scribe Connector available, such as

    ACS developed the Connector module using as the integrating system, and in addition to the Advantage Scribe Connector, ACS will provide clients looking to integrate with a complete sample package that contains Salesforce customizations and Scribe maps to …

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    AdvantageCS Accueille Test Achats

    AdvantageCS a le plaisir de vous annoncer l’arrivée d’un nouveau client: Test-Achats.  Test-Achats (TA) est également connu sous le nom flamand de Test Aankoop et a été fondé en Belgique en 1957 comme une organisation de consommateurs.  Il teste de manière indépendante toutes les façons de consommer et en reporte les résultats. 

    En 1960, Test-Achats est devenu l’un des membres fondateurs de l’Organisation Européenne des Consommateurs. Avec le temps, le groupe s’est étendu aux droits des consommateurs et au lobbying. A travers la collaboration avec d’autres organisations—en Espagne, Italie, Portugal et Brazil— TA est maintenant une organisation majeure de défense des consommateurs en Europe et au-delà. Les organisations affiliées sont OCU Ediciones SA en Espagne, Altroconsumo Edizioni SRL …

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    Nouveau Logo pour Advantage Computing Systems

    Advantage is pleased to unveil our new logo – a more distinct, clean and contemporary visual representation of our global brand. The symbol is based on the concept of sailing and denotes being propelled forward – mobility and agility. It better represents the Advantage product and the culture of the company behind it: responsive, agile, innovative, and determined. Harnessing the latest technology is one of the ways we participate in our clients’ success. Our recent migration to the .NET platform and the re-design of the user interface are great examples of this.

    “We’re delighted with the new logo, but more importantly we’re thrilled about the new platform and being better positioned to help our clients across the globe achieve their goals,” says Dan Heffernan, Vice President of Sales, …

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